Dear players !

We know you were waiting for this and, you know what ? Time has come to bring some friends and sign up to our DreamHack France 2016 BYOC Tournaments ! New year, new challenges, new excitement !

Let’s sweeten up these cold days with the name of the firsts competitions you can attend to !

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Valve) 32 teams

League of Legends (Riot Games) 48 teams

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void (Blizzard Entertainment) 32 players

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment) 128 players

Do you prefer playing just for fun without taking part in any tournament ? Play weither with your friends or alone to the games you want to, regardless any schedule or tournament restrictions in the 128 slots Free Gaming Area ! 0% rules, 100% fun !


Players thrilled by their registration to DreamHack France.

Take your chance to master DreamHack France 2016 : call your teammates, your best friends, and let’s register now !

Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveLeague of Legends, Starcraft II: Legacy of the VoidHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Free Gaming Area are waiting for you !

See you there !