Sun is shining, weather is sweet, birds are chirping (or not) and you’ve finally emerged from your winter sleep! Amidst all the spring excitement, don’t forget to confirm your Dreamhack Tours registration payment. The deadline approaches so make absolutely sure to confirm your payment and secure your spot.
Take a deep breath, everything’s going to be fine!


How can I verify whether I’ve paid already ?

  • Do you show up in the Toornament Widget (Tournament section) ?
  • Was the amount withdrawn from your bank account ?
  • Did you receive a confirmation email ?


You haven’t paid yet? How to proceed from there.

  • Find your registration email (check your Spam & Deleted folders)
  • Can’t find it? Contact us HERE with the same email adress used for registration and provide us with the following info :
    • Tournament you’ve registered to (CSGO, LoL, SC2, etc). Saying only « Dreamhack Tours » won’t be enough !
    • Email used for registration


Once you’ve followed these simple instructions you will officially be ready and registered for the Dreamhack Tours !